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Trick or Treat?

Celebrating Halloween in Spanish

Halloween is an exciting time of the year with costumes, pumpkin carving and candy! Here are some spooky Halloween words to use to help you enjoy the festivities in Spanish.
Halloween Vocabulary in Spanish

The Calendar

Learn About the Calendar in Spanish

Enjoy this digital download to learn about the calendar in Spanish
Learn about the Calendar in Spanish

Spanish Word Search

Summer Themed Spanish Word Search

Learn some new Spanish vocabulary and have some summer fun by looking for the Spanish words in our word search.
Summer Word Search in Spanish

Spanish Vocabulary Practice

Practice Spelling and Pronunciation in Spanish

Practice your Spanish spelling, learn some Spanish vocabulary and practice your Spanish pronunciation with this digital download
Missing Word Worksheet

Ordinal Numbers

Learn About Ordinal Numbers in Spanish

Ordinal numbers in Spanish must agree with the nouns they are referring to in both number and gender. Learn about ordinal numbers with this free worksheet
Ordinal numbers in Spanish

Letter Tracing

Fun Activity For the Little Ones

Here is a little fun activity for the little ones to practice their letters and tracing. Enjoy!
Letter Tracing

Summer Vocabulary in Spanish

Learn Some Fun Summer Vocabulary in Spanish

Check out these summertime words to help take your Spanish into the summer season
Summer Vocabulary Printable

Summer Word Matching in Spanish

Fun Summer Word Matching Activity in Spanish

Let's practice your summer Spanish vocabulary by matching the Spanish words with the English ones
Summer Word Matching Printable

Learn Numbers in Spanish

The Ice Cream Factory: A Fun Activity for the Little Ones

Have the little ones practice and learn about the numbers in Spanish with this fun little activity
The Ice Cream Factory

Lia's Candy Jar

A Fun Coloring Educational Activity for the Little Ones

Lia won a contest! Help her choose her prize by coloring in the candy jars with more candy in each pairing
Candy Jar Printable

Learn Counting in Spanish

A Fun Activity for the Little Ones to Help Them Learn to Count in Spanish

Fun activity to practice counting in Spanish for the little ones
Counting Printable

Coloring Activity in Spanish

A Fun Coloring Activity for the Kiddos

Keep your kids entertained with this fun coloring activity in Spanish
Counting Printable

Math Practice in Spanish

Practice Some Addition and Substraction in Spanish

Math with the dinos! Here are some cute little additions and substractions for the little ones to practice their math in Spanish
Addition and Substraction Printable

Saber vs. Conocer

Access the digital download cheatsheet that will help you determine when and how to use 'Saber' vs. 'Conocer'
Ver vs. Mirar Digital Download

Ver vs. Mirar

Access the digital download cheatsheet that will help you determine when and how to use 'Ver' vs. 'Mirar'
Ver vs. Mirar Digital Download