Why this course?

Whether you are a medical professional or want to learn about the human body and medicine in Spanish, this course will teach what you need to know to be able to understand and interact with Spanish speakers in a medical setting more effectively.

Bridge the communication gap and connect with your patients in a more meaningful way, while improving your Spanish along the way.

  • Learn about the different human body parts, including the skeleton and muscles

  • Understand how to describe, rate and express pain

  • Get familiar with expressing common symtpoms, illnesses and medications in Spanish

  • Discover the different ways to instruct directions in Spanish as it relates to verbs of movement

  • Self-paced online course that includes video presentations, audios, quizzes, digital downloads and more, so you can learn effectively and reinforce your learning along the way

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Why Learn Spanish With Lauren?

As a native English speaker myself, I know where you are coming from when trying to learn Spanish.

I understand the challenges and pain points that English speakers face. I have been there!

When I moved to Spain it dawned on me: the Spanish I had learned in a traditional classroom setting was not really practical or had prepared me for real life interactions.

When I was exposed to authentic experiences and the real day-to-day Spanish, I finally understood there was a better way to learn.

I will uncover the techniques, tips and tricks I have mastered teaching Spanish over the last 12 years, so you can learn practical and useful Spanish online at your own pace in an intuitive and simple way.

— Lauren
Lauren - Owner and Instructor of Down to Earth Spanish

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Condensed Grammar Review

    • Overview: Condensed Spanish Grammar Review

    • Spanish Alphabet

    • Question Words

    • Masculine, Feminine, Singular & Plural

    • Informal vs. Formal

    • Regular Verbs Conjugations

    • Formal Commands

    • Quiz: Condensed Grammar Review

  • 4

    People, Places & Things in the Medical Setting

    • Overview: People, Places & Things in the Medical Setting

    • People in a Medical Setting

    • Places & Spaces in a Medical Setting

    • Tools & Supplies

    • Objects in a Medical Setting

    • Exercises: In the Lobby & Hospital Room

    • Quiz: People, Places & Things in the Medical Setting

  • 5

    The Human Body

    • Overview: The Human Body

    • The Systems of the Human Body

    • The Body Parts

    • The Organs

    • The Muscles

    • The Skeletal System

    • To Touch

    • Quiz: The Human Body

  • 6


    • Overview: Movement

    • Movement & Instructions

    • Verbs of Movement & Direction

    • Movement Phrases in Action

    • Audio: Movement and Direction

    • Quiz: Movement

  • 7

    Pain & Injury

    • Overview: Pain & Injury

    • Pain

    • Injury

    • Inversions

    • Tener & Estar: Pain & Feelings

    • The Verb Sentir(se)

    • Comfort & Care

    • Audio: Medical Assessment

    • Quiz: Pain & Injury

  • 8

    Illnesses, Procedures, Remedies & Care

    • Overview: Illnesses, Procedures, Remedies & Care

    • Illnesses & Ailments

    • Common Procedures

    • Remedies & Solutions

    • Quiz: Illnesses, Procedures, Remedies & Care

  • 9


    • Overview: Medications

    • Medication: Types & Delivery Mechanisms

    • Common Medicine

    • Instructions & Medication

    • Side Effects

    • Quiz: Medications

  • 10


    • Recap and final thoughts

    • What did you think?

    • Thank You!

What's included

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  • Exclusive Learning Materials

    Our course content features video presentations, audios, quizzes, digital downloads and more so you can learn effectively and reinforce your learning along the way

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Meet the Instructor

Lauren is a Spanish language professional that specializes in teaching, translation and bilingualism.

A native from Southern California, Lauren graduated from San Diego State University (SDSU) with a Master’s Degree in Spanish and a BA in International Business specializing in Western Europe with a minor in German. Lauren also holds a Professional Certificate in Translation and Interpretation (English/Spanish) from the University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Lauren lived in Spain and married a Spaniard in 2010. She now lives in Southern California with her husband, two daughters and her German Shepherd.

Over her 12 years of teaching experience, Lauren has been able to devise unique teaching methods and approaches to help students learn practical Spanish in a simple and intuitive way, enabling them to have the tools necessary to navigate effectively the ‘real’ world of communication in Spanish.

Through Down to Earth Spanish, Lauren now wants to help you take your Spanish to the next level. Are you ready?

Lauren - Spanish Instructor at Down to Earth Spanish

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