• How does it work?

    Down to Earth Spanish pays you a referral commission for any customers you direct our way that enroll in a paid online course.

  • How much do I get?

    With our Affiliate Program you can earn a 40% commission on each referral's purchase.

  • When and how will I get paid?

    Payouts occur within 30 days after month-end. So, for example, any commissions earned in June will be paid out by July 31st. Payments will be sent out via PayPal.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is completely FREE!

  • How do I join?

    To become an affiliate with us you need to register via this link and complete an Affiliate Application. After we review your request, if approved, you can start promoting our content and begin earning money!

  • How will you know that I referred a customer?

    Once you become an affiliate with us, you will receive a unique link that contains a referral code. For us to be able to track referrals and for you to collect the commission, the referral must use this link that is unique to you. When someone clicks your affiliate link and visits our site, a cookie is placed on their device for 30 days. If they purchase an online course from our site during those 30 days, the referral will be associated with your affiliate account when they make the purchase.